Student Board

The Student Board is the leadership team of the Newman Center. Working with the Chaplain and the Campus Minister, the Board helps with the ministries of the Center; the Board provides students with opportunities to spread the Gospel of Christ. Each member of the Board is dedicated to this mission and is ready to help fellow students get involved and grow closer to Christ.

The 2013-2014 Student Board of GW Catholics at the Newman Center:

Chairman: Joe McHenry –

Runs the meetings and keeps everyone on the same page.


Treasurer: Christine Cronin

Handles all the funds and related paperwork.


Social Events Director: Bianca Valencia

Organizes all our exciting social programs


Community Service Director: Gerard Gayou

Sets-up and leads our many service opportunities


Pro-Life Director: Christopher Crawford

Heads the pro-life committee and promotes the Culture of Life


Tuesday Night Dinner Director: Meredith Pochily

Coordinates the cooks and cleaners for our TNDs


Liturgy and Prayer Director: Rowland Zhang

Schedules all the liturgical ministers and coordinates weekly Adoration


Music Director: Contact Joe at

Runs the music at our Sunday student Masses

Building Director: Mike Viviano

Takes charge of keeping the Newman Center in top shape


Outreach Team

Online Coordinator: Chris Germiller


Greek Life Outreach: Sloan Dickey and Olivia Bee


Graphic Design: Patty Silva

Multimedia: Dominique Bonessi

Campus Evangelization: Nicolas Pedreira