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This year we welcome two new FOCUS (the Fellowship of Catholic University Students) missionaries to campus: Becca and Steven! They will be working alongside current GW FOCUS members Jim and SJ. Each has dedicated at least two years to spreading the Gospel on the college campuses of America! We couldn’t be happier or more blessed to have them!

Our first new team member, Becca Brown, is a native of Buffalo, New York but moved to Virginia in high school. She is one of six children and grew up playing softball, volleyball, and basketball. She is a die hard Yankee and Sabres fan too. She is a registered EMT and enjoys serving on local rescue squads. She graduated from the University of Virginia in 2014 with a Bachelors in Religious Studies.

Steven Cybulski, our second new team member, hails from a small town on the east end of Long Island. He graduated from the University of Rochester in 2009 with a BA in English and Religion. He is a revert to the Church, having returned in July 2013 after twelve years away. His interests include music, literature, juggling, and Esperanto.

Both Becca and Steven are really excited to be serving alongside GW’s current FOCUS team members Jim Beatty and Sarah Jane Leder. We expect great things this year from FOCUS and cannot wait for students to meet our two new missionaries!

Their outreach to campus includes evangelization, Bible studies, and one-on-one leadership training.  If you’re an undergraduate student who would like to join one of their Bible studies, please e-mail the missionaries at or stop by the Newman Center.